How Digital Marketing Freelancers Can Start a Side Gig

When you’re a digital marketing freelancer, you have a lot of unique skills to help build and market a business. You’re always doing it for clients and other companies, but did you know there’s a really plausible way to start a business and do it for yourself?

One of the best ways to start your own side hustle is a dropshipping business. You can run an entire e-commerce store without ever touching the inventory. You get to put your marketing skills to use without having to manage logistics and supply chain.

Why Freelancers Should Start Side Hustles

Some of the reasons dropshipping businesses are great for digital marketing freelancers:

  1. It’s a great side hustle
  2. You can get away from the time = money trap often faced by freelancers
  3. You mostly have to focus on marketing and not the other e-commerce concepts (fulfillment, shipping, warehousing, etc.)
  4. It’s a great way to learn and test new digital marketing techniques
  5. You’re not at a client’s mercy to say “yes” to new things you want to try
  6. It’s fun

If you have the digital marketing skills already, you’re primed to running a dropshipping store. You can get started on Shopify quickly, and there are great tutorials and courses out there to get you started. There’s a low start-up investment in both time and costs.

Freelancers and other experienced in digital marketing are often successful at running dropshipping stores. You’re helping clients market themselves, why not do it for yourself!?