How to Create a Winning Freelancer Routine

Freelancers often focus on the first part of the word: free. However, part of being free is being responsible for your own freelancer routine. When working toward freelance success, it is important to create the structure, find the tools, and deepen the relationships that will carry you through both bountiful and lean times.

Tips and Tricks for Freelancer Routine

Impose Structure on Your Days

Nothing derails a routine as fast as having no structure. It is important to decide what “success” looks like, specifically in terms of things you can control. You don’t know when that client will email you back, but you do know that you can finish 2 in-progress projects per day. You can choose a number of emails to send, a number of hours to work without distractions, or a space where you will remain, even if you need to pace around to think about ideas. These structures help you form habits to achieve your goals.

Find Tools That Support Your Success

Many people who freelance through the internet have found that project management tools, like Todoist, can be very helpful for organizing your projects, figuring out when the deadlines are, and prioritizing what to work on first. Use plugins like StayFocusd to take away distractions. These tools optimize your output.

Deepen Relationships Through Frequent Contact

At some point, the technological help and structural assistance cannot get you any more clients. Thus, keeping an organized list of clients, through a CRM or through a simple spreadsheet, and contacting them at regular intervals is one of the best routines to establish. Whether you are pitching them new ideas or simply asking about how their projects are going, your personal approach will create loyalty. Loyal, frequent clients are the bedrock of a freelance career.

With these tricks and tips, your freelancer routine will quickly point you toward success.